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Since it was created, the ARYA trading company has been pursuing a single goal: transforming the world of investment

Convinced that access to the financial markets should not be exclusively for the elite, we are determined to popularize it.

In order to persistently succeed on the financial markets, it is absolutely vital to limit the harmful impact of human psychological biases. Making the world of trading more accessible, while limiting risk and without depriving traders of their decision-making power, is a major challenge. This is exactly where ARYA Pro makes all the difference.

Opening the door to the world of trading is a major responsibility. This is why we are committed to assisting the community, not only with our technological solutions, but also with our training courses, coaching sessions and complete support system.

More than just providing products, we have created an ecosystem that addresses the most important trading aspects:

Defending your capital.
Optimising your performance.
Limiting your emotions.

Defending your capital.
Optimising your performance.
Limiting your emotions.

ARYA Pro, the leading trading assistant at the service of its pilot

Your life is full, your time is precious. Why waste it by trading manually when the most critical tasks can be automated?

Capital protection
Risk management
Trade management
Optimisation of entry and exit points
Optimisation of profits
Adjustment to market conditions

Be a strategist, ARYA Pro takes care of the rest!

Upgraded trading. A new family.

Investing in the financial markets is now accessible to everyone with ARYA, and the community is among the most proactive and supportive in the trading world.


Makes the difference

  • 70.2%

    of ARYA traders are making a profit

  • 76.1%

    of ARYA traders had never traded before

  • 90.8%

    of ARYA traders recommend our ecosystem

*According to a survey conducted in June 2019 on a representative sample of 131 customers.

ARYA pro

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