• What is Trading 2.0?
    Trading 2.0 simply means combining the best of the human and tech worlds to get the best results on the financial markets. This puts next-gen traders in the driver’s seat of a technological solution, where they are assisted in everything they do by a machine that adds real value (execution speed, processing power, impartiality, automation of time-consuming tasks, etc.)
  • Is this solution available to beginners?
    Yes. Designed to allow anyone to get started in trading easily, the ARYA Trading solution simplifies what traders do, so that their “work” is limited to determining their risk profile, then selecting an upward or downward direction for the asset of their choice. With the emphasis on education through ARYA Trading course offerings, the experience of trading specialists, and the support community, even beginners can move forward securely and at their own pace.
  • What is the minimum investment required to use the solution?
    A minimum of €1,000 is recommended to start real trading. Of course, the greater your financial capital, the more refined your risk management and the better your performance. Determining the amount you wish to deposit into your trading account is a personal decision. Some of our customers start with several thousand euro, while others prefer to deposit several hundred thousand to maximize performance. You can also start with a demo account, which allows you to trade in real market conditions but with virtual capital, to get a better understanding of how the ARYA Trading solution works.
  • How do you protect capital?
    In risk management, humans are sometimes victims of their own emotional and cognitive bias. To protect your capital and your gains, ARYA makes sure to block your losses according to preset parameters and levels. The size of each of your positions is calculated automatically based on market conditions and the parameters that you set. You don’t even have to be there! And if you happened to be unlucky enough to exceed the loss limits that you set, the ARYA assistant will suspend your trading until the next day. This makes it physically impossible for you to burn your ARYA Trading account.
  • How much time do I need to trade with ARYA Trading?
    Designed specifically so that users could make the most money in the smallest amount of time, the ARYA Trading solution lets you delegate control, either totally or partially, to the ARYA assistant so that you can spend your day far from your screen. A few minutes a day is all you need to launch your operations before going about your business, whether that’s your day job, other income-generating activities, or just spending more of your free time with your loved ones.
  • Will I be able to access my money anytime?
    Yes. Trading offers one huge advantage over many other investments (real estate, equities, artwork, etc.): it delivers short-term results without monopolizing your capital for more than a day. Only your broker’s processing times can delay the transfer of your money by a few hours, or a few days at most (you can check this very easily when you open your account).
  • What types of entry orders are possible?
    The ARYA Trading software included in the ARYA Pro package offers you 3 execution modes: - “Market execution” mode, to enter a position with one click, buy to profit from rising prices or sell to capitalize on falling prices of negotiable financial assets; - “Limit order” mode to set the price level at which you want to enter a position; your order will be automatically executed as soon as the market hits that level; - “Automated” mode to trust the ARYA Trading assistant and allow it to determine the best entry point based on market conditions and statistics.
  • Can I do fully automated trades with ARYA Trading?
    Yes. You can delegate all of your tasks and decisions to the ARYA Trading assistant, and it will rely on market history and statistical rules to find the best position entry and exit points. Your assistant will also be responsible for automatically determining the size of your positions based on your preset risk parameters.
  • What are negotiable financial assets?
    ARYA Trading allows you to buy and sell financial products (CFD) that reproduce variations of a large number of financial assets: stocks, market indices, currencies (FOREX), commodities, cryptocurrencies, etc.
  • Which brokers are compatible with ARYA Trading?
    You can use any broker you like, but we recommend you choose from a list of our partner brokers, which we have strictly vetted for quality, liquidity and order execution. All of our partners are 100% compatible with the ARYA Trading solution and the Traders League.
  • Which brokers are compatible with ARYA Trading?
    You can use any broker you like, but we recommend you choose from a list of our partner brokers, which we have strictly vetted for quality, liquidity and order execution. All of our partners are 100% compatible with the ARYA Trading solution and the Traders League.
  • How does the training program work?
    ARYA Trading is designed to make the most of your time. Our training courses are no different. You can access these 100% online courses in your customer area immediately after your purchase. In the courses, our team of instructors (including ARYA founders and our top traders) explain how to install and use ARYA through videos and simple procedures. Depending on your trading level, you can go directly to the advanced training courses. And, by the time you have gotten to know your new assistant, we will have a printable digital guide ready for you. This guide lists all of ARYA’s features and scenarios to help you make decisions so that you can be operational in only a few minutes.
  • What are Trading LIVE programs?
    As the name suggests, Trading LIVE programs are 100% live programs all about trading. Each week you can bring your questions to our trading analysts during these programs.
  • What is the #WeLoveARYA community?
    #WeLoveARYA is a community available to all ARYA Trading ecosystem users. It is a space for you to talk to other next-gen traders and learn from the experience of our trading specialists in order to make faster progress and continuously improve your performance.
  • What is the Traders League?
    The Traders League is the largest Trading 2.0 competition that exists. It rewards the best ARYA Trading users by entrusting them with up to €1 million in capital, and giving them up to 30% of the gains they produce.
  • Why ARYA?
    ARYA is an exceptional trading assistant that secures your trading, optimizes your profits and saves you time: 1) ARYA protects your capital Reduce your emotions. ARYA includes a number of risk management features, including: Daily stop loss, maximum loss, earnings goals, exposure calculations, entry and exit point optimization, etc. ARYA makes trading simpler by optimizing as much as possible, while allowing the trader to pre-configure custom scenarios. 2) Save time and money Automate your trading - become a next-gen trader! Optimize your time/money ratio. ARYA monitors the market in real time, so you don’t have to! Give your instructions and your exceptional trading assistant will enter a position, manage your trades, and optimize your profits in real time in response to market conditions.
  • What are my chances of success with ARYA?
    ARYA turns the statistics on their head: 70.2% of ARYA traders make a profit 76.1% of our users have never traded before 90.8% recommend ARYA to their families and friends Results from a study done in June 2019
  • How does the “Market execution” position entry work?
    Market execution mode lets you enter at the market price at the time you click the “BUY” or “SELL” button. Then, once the trade has been closed, ARYA will not reenter a position. Also bear in mind that the entry price may vary based on the spread applied by the broker.
  • How do I display the spread (ask line)?
    To display the red ask line that shows the spread, right click on the chart, click on “Properties,” then “Common” and check “Show ask line.”
  • How do I add an indicator to the chart?
    Drag the indicator you want into the “Navigator” window directly onto the chart of the asset of your choice.
  • How do I check that my MT4 account has been linked to ARYA?
    Check that the connection in the lower right corner is active and that no “Invalid Account” or “ConnectionError” message appears. Check that the smiley face in the top right corner of the chart displays a smile. Launch ARYA on the asset of your choice, check that the red box is still there on the chart and that your SL and TP lines are displayed.
  • How can I look at different time frames for an asset with a trade in progress?
    If you want to view other time frames while you already have a trade in progress on an asset, open another tab for the asset. Go to Market Watch, right click on the asset and select “Open chart window.”
  • How can I trade more than one asset at the same time?
    In Market Watch, right click on the asset of your choice, then select “Open chart window.” You can open as many assets as you want, or multiple tabs of the same asset, by repeating these steps.
  • How do I enter a signal on ARYA with ARYA Signals?
    For Price signals, enter your take profit, stop loss and breakeven in ARYA Trade Manager. You can also enter different take profits in Take Profit 1, 2 and 3, just make sure that the sum of Weights 1, 2 and 3 equals 100%. If you only want to choose two take profits, take care to change the weights so that the sum of both weights equals 100%. Price signals are entered by executing at the market price at the time you click “BUY” or “SELL.” For Templates signals, enter the items from the templates provided in ARYA Signals into ARYA Pro. You can recopy them or tailor them to your trading style. Choose automated entry mode; ARYA will enter a position at the price you indicate.
  • How can I prevent ARYA from reentering a position once a trade is closed?
    If you want to execute a trade and you don’t want ARYA to enter into position again once you’ve closed the trade, set “Consecutive win” to 1 and “Consecutive loss” to 1. As soon as ARYA reaches this scenario, it will stop trading.
  • How can I trade micro-lots?
    To trade micro-lots, you first have to choose a broker that offers them. In FX Pro, for example, select assets with “_20.” Note that these references change every quarter, for example from K_20 to U_20, so it is important to update your Market Watch at the end of each month by right clicking and selecting “Show all.”
  • What are the different modes of entering a position and what do they mean?
    Automated mode: ARYA will enter a position as soon as the next available confirmed buy or sell fractal appears (that has not already been broken by the market). Market execution mode: ARYA will enter at the market price (at the time you click “BUY” or “SELL”). There can sometimes be a difference between the price when you ordered it to enter and the price at which it enters, this is the Spread. This can be caused by high volatility in the market or specific to the broker. Limit order mode: you have to enter the price at which you want ARYA to enter a position in the LimitPrice field. Only Fix StopLoss and TakeProfit Profit Factor can be used with this function. If you want to place a buy limit order, you should choose a price lower than the current market price. Conversely, if you want to place a sell limit order, you should choose a price higher than the current market price. E.g.: If the market is at 25,700, you can place a buy limit order at 25,000 or a sell limit order at 26,000.
  • What is an available confirmed fractal?
    A confirmed fractal is a series of 5 closed candles with a high point or low point (symbolized by a gray arrow). This means that both candles that follow the central high or low point must be closed. The confirmed fractal must also be available, which means it cannot have been broken yet by the market price. When buying, the fractal (gray arrow) must be above market price and when selling, the fractal must be below market price.
  • What time do the markets open and close?
    Make sure to check the countries of the assets and consider time zone differences. Also consider that markets are closed on weekends and holidays.
  • What leverage should I choose?
    With most of our partner brokers, the leverage is already programmed, but with FX Pro, for example, you get to choose it yourself. To enter positions on the most traded assets, choose 1:30 leverage.
  • I have one more question: how do I do it?
    Our team is there for you. You can reach us by email at

ARYA Signals

  • Is this solution a good fit for professional traders?
    Yes. The highly customizable environment of the ARYA Trading solution allows the most seasoned traders to build a work environment specifically for them. With assistance in performing the most time-consuming tasks, and backed by ARYA Trading’s extremely thorough money management system, professional traders can focus on the fundamentals: making the right decisions.
  • Who are the professional traders of ARYA Signals?
    The ARYA Signals professional traders are Rodolphe Steffan and Xavier Fenaux from the InteractivTrading (IVT) team. With nearly 30 years of combined experience in the world of trading, they leverage their expertise and experience to help you succeed.
  • How many signals will I receive per week?
    With the ARYA Signals Infinite subscription included in your Anti-Crisis Pack, you’ll get unlimited access to all of the signals issued by our trading analysts! Of course, the rate of the signals depends, first and foremost, on market conditions and the number of opportunities available. This means some weeks will be quieter, others busier, but every day will bring a number of opportunities you won’t want to miss!
  • Which assistant should I choose for different signal types?
    For Price signals, choose ARYA Trade Manager. For Template signals, choose ARYA Pro. You can also use ARYA Pro for Price signals; you just have to choose “Market execution” mode for entering a position.
  • How do I subscribe to ARYA Signals?
    You can subscribe to ARYA Signals in your members area, in the “Product catalog” tab, or directly on the ARYA Signals app. To use ARYA Signals, download the app from your App Store or Google Play, then create an account directly in the application. You can then select the subscription you want.
  • What are Intraday, Swing and Scalp in ARYA Signals?
    In Intraday trading, you use shorter time frames: M15 - M30 - H1. When you receive a signal with Intraday indication, for example, your job is to choose the time frame in which you want to enter a position based on your trading style. Scalp works in very short time frames, so you are trading in M1 or M5. Time frames above H1 are called Swing; these trades can last multiple days, weeks or months.
  • I have one more question: how do I do it?
    Our team is there for you. You can reach us by email at

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