• What is Trading 2.0?
    Trading 2.0 is simply about combining the best of human and the best of technology to enhance ones results in the financial markets. A 2.0 trader is a pilot who utilizes a technological solution, and is assisted in all trading actions - it is here where the software brings real added value (e.g. instant execution, computing power, impartiality, automation of time-consuming tasks, etc.).
  • Is this solution suitable for beginners?
    Yes, the ARYA Pro solution is designed to make it easy for anyone starting their trading journey, simplifying the many actions so that the trader is merely required to define their risk profile and decide the trend direction (upwards or downwards) on an asset of their choice. The emphasis placed on education thanks to the contribution of the ARYA training courses, extensive experience of the coaches and the incredibly supportive community, allows beginners to progress at their own pace and in complete security.
  • What is the minimum deposit required for the trading solution?
    A minimum of $1000 is recommended to start trading in a real account. Of course, the larger your financial position, the more precisely risk can be managed and the higher your earning potential. Defining the amount to put into your trading account will therefore be a personal decision. Some of our clients start with a few thousand dollars, while others prefer to deposit several hundred thousand, in order to maximise their profit potential. To get started with ARYA Pro, you should also set up a demo account alongside your real account, to trade with fictitious capital under real conditions. We reccomend to open a demo account with the same amount of capital as your real account.
  • How does capital protection work?
    When it comes to risk management, humans are sometimes the victim of their emotional and cognitive biases. So, to protect your capital and capital gains, ARYA ensures that your losses are limited in accordance with your predefined parameters. The size of your positions are automatically calculated based on market conditions and the parameters you have set, even when you're absent! And should you reach certain loss limits, your ARYA Pro assistant will suspend trading until the next day. Hence, 'burning' your trading account with ARYA Pro is mathematically impossible.
  • How much time do I need to commit to trading with ARYA Pro?
    Designed to maximise your time to money ratio (earning more money in less time), the ARYA Pro solution allows you to leave all or part of the software in auto mode, so you can spend the day away from your screen. Just a few minutes at the beginning of the day is all you need to enter your trade before going about your business. Whether it means going to your day-to-day job, attending other projects, or simply spending free time with family and friends, ARYA Pro is designed to be used around normal life.
  • Is my money available for withdrawal at all times?
    Yes, unlike most investment solutions (real estate, equity investments, works of art, etc.), trading has the huge advantage of delivering short-term results without demobilising your capital for more than a day. Only your broker's processing time could slow down the transfer of your funds by a few hours, or at most a few days (information to note when you open your account).
  • What types of trade entries are possible?
    The ARYA Pro software offers 3 modes of execution. 'Market Execution' enters the market in a single and executes the order immediately. 'Limit Order' requires you to define the price level at which you would like to enter the market. As soon as the market reaches that price level, your order will be automatically executed. 'Automatic mode' allows your ARYA Pro assistant to determine the best entry point based on market conditions and statistics.
  • Can ARYA Pro trade 100% automatically?
    Yes, you can delegate all actions and decisions to your ARYA Pro assistant, who will then use historical market movements and statistical analysis to determine the best entry and exit points for your positions. Your assistant can also automatically define your exposure based on the risk parameters you predefine.
  • What are tradable financial assets?
    ARYA Pro allows you to buy and sell CFDs which reproduce a number of financial assets such as shares, stock market indices, FOREX currency pairs, commodities and cryptocurrency.
  • What platform does ARYA Pro run on?
    ARYA Pro uses the MetaTrader (MT4) platform, a major market player known for its stability and robustness.
  • How does the training programme work?
    ARYA Pro is designed to be time efficient and so is our training. With 100% online access, you will be able to open your training courses from your dashboard immediately after purchase. Our team of trading coaches (made up of ARYA's founders and our best trainers) go through how to install and use ARYA Pro in simple, easy to digest videos. Depending on your trading level, you can start at the begining or skip to the the advanced section of the training. In addition, while you are getting to know your new assistant, we provide a printable digital handbook which details all of ARYA Pro's features and settings, as well as decision scenarios that will help you get up and running in a matter of minutes.
  • What are the market analysis sessions?
    As their name suggests, the market analysis sessions are live broadcasts dedicated to going over attractive financial assets in real time. Hosted every week, the sessions are a great opportunity to ask questions directly to our expert traders.
  • What is the #WeLoveArya community?
    The #WeLoveArya community is a private facebook group, accessible to all traders within the ARYA ecosystem. The group allows you to share with other 2.0 traders and visually benefit from our coaches' real life trading experiances in order to learn collectively, progress faster and ultimately improve your trading performance.
  • What is the Traders League?
    As the largest 2.0 trading competition, the Traders League rewards our best ARYA traders. We assign up to $1 million of capital between our top traders and award them with up to 30% of the profits they generate.
  • Why ARYA Pro?
    ARYA Pro is the trading assistant that secures your financial investments, optimises your profits and saves you time.

    1) ARYA Pro protects your capital and reduces your emotion. ARYA Pro includes many risk management features such as: daily loss limit, maximum capital loss, a profit target, exposure calculations, optimisation of entry and exit points, etc. By automating as many tasks as possible, ARYA Pro simplifies the approach to trading while leaving it up to the pilot to determine their own trading strategy.

    2) Saves time and money Automate your trading and become a 2.0 trader! Optimize your time to money ratio. ARYA Pro monitors the market in real-time, so you don't have too! Simply give the instructions and your super trading assistant will enter into the position, protect your profits and manage the trade in accordance with the conditions of the market.
  • What are my chances of success with ARYA Pro?
    ARYA Pro reverses the statistics:
    - 70.2% of ARYA traders are profitable.
    - 76.1% of our traders had never traded before.
    - 90.8% would recommend ARYA to their friends and family.
    Results collected from a study carried out in June 2019.
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ARYA Signals

  • Is this solution a good fit for professional traders?
    Yes. The highly customizable environment of the ARYA Trading solution allows the most seasoned traders to build a work environment specifically for them. With assistance in performing the most time-consuming tasks, and backed by ARYA Trading’s extremely thorough money management system, professional traders can focus on the fundamentals: making the right decisions.
  • Who are the trading coaches on the ARYA Signals app?
    The trading coaches on ARYA Signals have extensive experience in the financial markets. We have selected first-class professionals who each have their own expertise in different asset classes (e.g. stocks, indices, commodities, FOREX, cryptocurrency, etc.). You are free to choose the coaches most suited to your trading strategy. 
  • How many signals will I receive per week?
    Thanks to your ARYA Signals Infinite subscription, you will recieve ALL of the signals sent by our trading coaches! Of course, the frequency of the signals will depend primarily on market conditions as well as the number of trade opportunities available. Therefore some weeks will be calmer, others more hectic, but each day will bring it's share of unmissable trade opportunities.
  • Which assistant should I choose for different signal types?
    For Price signals, choose ARYA Trade Manager. For Template signals, choose ARYA Pro. You can also use ARYA Pro for Price signals; you just have to choose “Market execution” mode for entering a position.
  • How do I subscribe to ARYA Signals?
    The ARYA Signals subscription link is available on your dashboard under the 'Product catalogue' tab, and also on your ARYA Signals app. To be able to use ARYA Signals, download the app from the App Store or Google play and create an account. You will then be able to select the subscription level of your choice.
  • What are Intraday, Swing and Scalp in ARYA Signals?
    In Intraday trading, you use shorter time frames: M15 - M30 - H1. When you receive a signal with Intraday indication, for example, your job is to choose the time frame in which you want to enter a position based on your trading style. Scalp works in very short time frames, so you are trading in M1 or M5. Time frames above H1 are called Swing; these trades can last multiple days, weeks or months.
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