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A human-oriented company

Whether it is through the services we offer, our management methods or how we help our clients, people are at the center of our priorities and concerns.

Personal development is our strength

We believe that a winning mindset is paramount to thrive. That is why we do everything possible to encourage our team to adopt a healthy, positive and proactive state of mind every day.


Convinced of the benefits provided by our solutions, we are working to make them universally accessible.

In keeping with our values and driven by this goal, we are developing the presense of the TechX brand while ensuring our user experience is at the centre of our focus. It is also essential for us to find suitable partners for our international expansion. Joining us means joining a team of business development experts who are keen to take on new challenges and who are always on the lookout for new opportunities.

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Customer Relations

Our mission, to meet much more than just the needs of our customers!

Our community is at the heart of our business. In fact, it is the needs, expectations, satisfaction and feedback from our users that guide our actions and decisions. A good understanding of them is cruicial. Being readily available to our users when they need us most and, on the most suitable method of communication for that indivdual, is one of our strongest assets. Joining our team means improving the satisfaction of our users and participating in the development of an entire community.

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IT Development

Looking to the future, we develop the investment solutions of tomorrow.

The foundation of the ARYA ecosystem, as well as the reliability of its tools, are based on state-of-the-art technology, including advanced software, cutting-edge algorithms and a market leading smartphone application. For this reason, research, development and IT projects are an undeniable pillar of our brand's activity. A considerable effort is made by our team to develop and innovate the solutions we offer to the highest standard. Joining our team means joining a group of passionate individuals whose common goal is to overcome obstacles, help us meet the companies technological objectives and exceed the needs of our users.

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Driven by the infinite possibilities of the internet, our ethos is to offer the most enriching user experience for the trading world.

100% data oriented and attentive to the market, we focus our daily tasks around the behavior of investors and traders across the globe. In order to offer the most extensive user experience and the most relevant content, which delivers the highest level of satisfaction, our team certainly thinks outside the box! Joining us means entering a world of technological and cognitive innovation.

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A worldwide company

Based in Dubai, TechX (the company which markets the ARYA Trading brand), is a pioneer of not only technological innovation but also financial education.
Driven by the desire to make the unfarmiliar world of trading demystified and accessible, TechX has positioned itself as a key player in investment solutions for professionals and individuals. Working in collaboration with global teams specializing in marketing, finance, research and IT development, ARYA Trading solutions are above all, designed to be secure, practical and for use of the general public.


  • What type of individuals do you recruit?
    Beyond business skill, we expect our future employees to have both personal and interpersonal skill. We are looking for people who want to challenge themselves as well as learn and surpass their limits, in order to go as far as possible alongside us!
  • I don't have any experience in finance, would you consider my application?
    Of course! At TechX, it is all about mindset and potential. If you are curious, resourceful and have good communication skills, you will quickly become familiar with the business.
  • What does the onboarding process look like?
    Onboarding at TechX starts with training in trading activities, specifically the use of the ARYA Pro software. In order to support users and take ownership of the new job role, it is essential to know the product inside out, and above all, enjoy it. Regular meetings, HR support and training sessions accompany the individual throughout the process to ensure they integrate sucessfully.
  • What is the working environment like?
    Our offices are located at Jumeirah Lakes Towers, the heart of Dubai, situated among skyscrapers and a beautiful lake. We work in an open office format to reinforce the group dynamic and collective spirit. Our work setting is energetic and fun and we have created an environemnt favourable towards personal development, accomplishing goals and overcoming challenges as a team.
  • Are there opportunites for progression?
    Our Group is in hypergrowth mode, embracing a continuous flow of projects. This means an abundance of development opportunities and the possibility for progression, both horizontally into our other subsidary brands or vertically into management. We recognise talent, effort, and the development of skills, and we know how to reward them.
  • What are the company's current goals, and how can I contribute towards them?
    Together with our customers, partners and shareholders, we are doing our utmost to ensure that our products and services are recognised and made available to as many people as possible. For that reason, our ambitions and objectives are limitless, and we wish to involve all our employees in the process!